Portfolio – Building Commerce One Prim At A Time: Mall


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Planning a mall that generates both commerce and traffic begins with establishing a sense of place and style. Incorporating a variety of stores that appeals to merchants is the first step. I designed this modern mall to have an interesting layout where stores aren’t simply side by side and have the same dimensions. I then added rich wood tones for the floors, a color coordinating roof for conformity, storefronts or open doorways and areas dedicated for natural landscaping. Two level stores are perfect for fashion or furniture where categories of products can have their own space.


A variety of building styles and sizes provides realistic representation and architectural interest.


Free-standing builds with floor-to-ceiling windows spotlights merchandise and creates balance in the layout.


The architectural elements in this build make it perfect for a cafe or for the arrangement of high-fashion mannequins to draw shoppers to the store.


Rich wood tones are appealing. Large windows allow in natural lighting and a better opportunity for shoppers to see what is available.


Arranging both a functional and visually appealing layout is always the focus of a builder’s mission.


The stone and awnings present a galleria style.


Adding fountain areas, with lamp posts and boxed landscape introduces a natural setting.


Even the balance of space here is important.


By establishing a functional layout, the mall purchaser needs only to add his or her special touches and set up rental boxes.


Portfolio – Marrakech Provides Careful Attention to Detail


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I built Marrakech Club as a creative challenge. I was in the mood for something fun and different. Then, when I was ready, I offered it for sale and was happy that it sold in a single day. When I create a build, I sell it once. I don’t feel it’s right to see the same club on different sims. I love knowing that it is unique.

For a build, like this, I create the decor, as well. As a social setting, I knew it will need sitting areas that promote conversation. Elegant textures, high ceilings, allow one to feel as if they are in a spacious area. High-arching windows allow the natural light to enhance the mood of the setting. The warm Earth tones comfort those sitting or dancing with their partner or friends. I take it one step further by placing a piano, drinks and plants in the club so all my client has to do is purchase the dance ball and hire the entertainers.

A formal stage is featured in the center of the wall. Rich wood tones form the performance area. The rug, wallpaper and details in the ceiling present a dash of elegance.


Floor-to-ceiling arches allow the natural light of the sim to enter the club.


Paying careful attention to detail and carrying it throughout the build adds elegance.


Even a single goblet is designed with rich details. You can almost feel the chill of the champagne.


Sunset adds to the realism.


Interested in a custom build, send me a notecard with a design, sim size needed and prim possibilities.–Maximillian Svarovski.

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Welcome to my blog!


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There is so much to share with you about my love for designing in InWorldz. The minute I teleport to my personal platform the idea for a new build fills my mind and I’m motivated. I find the textures that I know will work with a new home, store. or custom build and  I’m ready to rez a prim and build.

You are welcome to visit Svarovski Design to find your next living room, bedroom, bathroom or perhaps you need lighting for your cozy chair or a floral arrangement for your dining room. Then teleport to my gallery which is an experience of color, shape and movement.